Честито Рождество Христово! Да са светли мислите да са пълни с обич сърцата да е мир в душата и да даряваме с пълни шепи добротата! Бъдете здрави и истински ! Весели празници!

Скъпи приятели, от днес вече работи нашия онлайн панел за поръчки на торти. Вие може да поръчате вашите любими торти директно до вашия адрес в град София, или да заявите взимането на тортата от нашата сладкарница.

Поръчка онлайн

Щастливата страна на света.

28.09.2018 – 30.09.2018

Красива храна и красиви десерти за щастливи и доволни хора . Нека хапнем палачинка с шоколад и ягоди или шоколадова торта с фреш от портокал, нека се усмихнем и видим света от щастливата страна!

Зелена тропическа градина с живи палмови дървета , много зеленина , водни пространства и разбира се истински шарени и кресливи папагалчета - все пак сме в тропика !
 Модерна и стилна .
 Елегантност и стил .
 Романтично място за вашия празник .

Още малко лятно настроение . И след това започва зимата с червено винце и луканка. Ще бъде пак чудесно .

Каква тортичка предпочиташ? Еклерова торта с баварски крем или с шоколадов крем, с червени малинки , с ароматно сладко от зелени смокини, с пресни ягоди или с черни горски боровинки? Обади се на тел 02 980 30 01 и поръчай любимата си торта от Лагуна . Ние ще ДОСТАВИМ твоята торта до дома или офис...

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Отзиви и мнения

преди 3 месеца
Уникално място! Тортите са страхотни, на прилична цена. Обстановката е невероятна, всичко е изпипано до най-малкия детайл в интериора. В градинката е невероятно красиво. Заради такива места като това обичам София!
- Делян С
преди 3 месеца
Бях приятно изненадана, че вече не е само сладкарница, а предлагат вкусни готвени неща.
- Диана Х
преди 2 месеца
Хубаво място, много вкусни торти... Обслужването е ок
- Стоян С

Laguna Confectionery

Laguna Confectionery is one of the favourable places both of the residents and of the guest of Sofia. Although it sounds like a cliché, this is the truth itself. It combines a real confectionery which offers tortes and cakes of delightful taste with a very pleasant café for meeting friends. There are several things that distinguish Laguna. First, this is its location – it is in the center of Sofia, half way between Vitosha Blvd. and Graf Ignatiev Str. – an ideal place for repose during and after intensive shopping. The guests of Sofia may combine the visit to the confectionery with a sightseeing trip around the capital city. Nearby, our clients may use public closed and guarded parking lot, the near Serdika metro station, trams and trolley transport as well as taxis, or just walk along the streets of Sofia. Second, this is the interior. Laguna encompasses 2 floors and several halls with a large garden. The interior design of the place and the furniture follow the most modern tendencies. The interior of the halls is interesting and stylish – leather-upholstered compartments, interesting forms on the walls and ceilings. The halls of the confectionery are suitable for conducting family celebrations, personal meetings or corporate events. The clients remain impressed by the natural water cascades, fountains and sea aquariums among which one can take delight in the delicious food and tortes of Laguna Confectionery It is only at Laguna Confectionery that you can eat sweet delights in a unique, specially created garden with exotic green vegetation. In the garden, there is a mini-pond with a small fountain which throws water streams and chatters tenderly. There are various species of exotic palms and plants everywhere. The tables are large with huge comfortable arm-chairs around them. The garden may be used both with warmer weather when the roof opens and it turns into an open garden, and with a really cold weather when it is like a small oasis in the heart of frozen Sofia. Laguna Confectionery has a rich catalogue of tortes from which, you can select the perfect torte for your celebration – child’s birthday, weddings or a family event. It is also possible to have a torte prepared according to the client’s wishes and ideas. Confectioneries have always been the favourable locations of young and old but Laguna confectionery offers incredible quality which will make you forget about the other shops and even about the home-made tortes and cakes. The guests of the confectionery may choose from the rich menus, specially developed by the team working there. Besides the unique tortes and sweet courses, at the confectionery, you can taste specialties from the salt menu and taste the unique cocktails and wines. The variety in the menu is really great – tortes, gaufres, pancakes, ice-cream are among the main representatives of the sweet delights and from the salt menu, one may choose among salads, pasta, pizzas, Mediterranean cuisine, main courses with chicken and beef, and many specialties. There is sushi for the admirers of more exotic tastes. The food is really very delicious. Although the confectionery is very busy, in most cases the orders are taken and executed fast and the staff is always smiling and ready to assist. The team of the confectionery is in the base of its success. The people who work at Laguna are more than 50 and they are the most precious capital of the confectionery. Their professionalism, high-quality work and loyalty ensure the perfect service and comfort. One of the important traditions to which Laguna confectionery insists very much is the servicing of the customers. The high quality and the correct attitude are the things to be strictly observed at Laguna. We take pride in the fact that Laguna confectionery has a history of 20 years and has won its multiple friends and loyal customers thanks to its professionalism and hard work in the years. Address of the confectionery : Bulgaria, 1000 Sofia, 13, Hristo Belchev Str., tel: +359 2-980-30-01 ,www.laguna-bg.com. Working time at 10.00h to 24.00h every day

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Изтегляне на упътвания
улица „Христо Белчев“ 13
централна градска част
1000 София

Работно време

пн:10:00 ч. – 0:00 ч.
вт:10:00 ч. – 0:00 ч.
ср:10:00 ч. – 0:00 ч.
чт:10:00 ч. – 0:00 ч.
пт:10:00 ч. – 0:00 ч.
сб:10:00 ч. – 0:00 ч.
нд:11:00 ч. – 0:00 ч.
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